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Hitler's golden gun is now estimated to be worth from $51 million dollars to 'priceless'.

Dr. August Priesack, art historian employed from 1935 to 1939 in the main archives of the Nazi party, under the command of Rudolf Hess, said: "The gold plated extravagant pistol (manufactured by the Weapons Factory August Menz from Suhl; a model 11A caliber 7.65 mm; engraved by Richard Schilling from Suhl was a gift from Max Kehl from Suhl and Munich.

Because Hitler always carried a pistol with him, he liked very much this especially fine model from Suhl, a well known weapons center, engraved by a highly qualified engraver.

This exquisite model, particularly because of the inscription on both sides, was not suited to pass on to others as a present...”. For several years Hitler kept the gun on him in a specially-sewn pocket of his pants.

The back view of Hitler’s golden gun shows the exquisite engraving with a goddess above and signed by the engraver and the company in Suhl, Germany.


In 2007 these guns,  located in Branson MO, were valued at between 20 and 25 million dollars. 



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