One of Eight Original P.38s with Serial Number One

Photo Notes

This photo shows a close up of the markings on the right side of the slide.  The first is the Walther Military Acceptance Stamp.  The second is the Nazi's Military Proof Stamp.  The third is the Walther Military Acceptance Stamp.

Notice that both of the Walther Military Acceptance marks are somewhat different, they're not exactly the same.  Please see these same stamps in pictures 3, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 22.  None are exactly the same, this shows that each was stamped by a different stamp in a different part of the factory, as none are the same in appearance, depth and clearness.

Also notice the Nazi Military Proof Stamp.  This stamp can also be seen in pictures 11 and 16.  Again neither of the three are exactly the same.  This is a fact that the gun experts and museum curators pointed out to me to show more proof positive that this gun is an original #1.

Only tool marks on this gun are in the internal frame and internal slide.  Other marks on the gun are surface scratches in the chrome.

Photo Magnifier

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