One of Eight Original P.38s with Serial Number One

Electron Spectroscopy Analysis

The gun was subjected to an Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) Analysis conducted by Dr. John L. Shultz, Ph.D at the Arkansas Analytical Laboratories located at the University of Arkansas.  The analysis was done to determine the elemental composition of different parts of the gun.

Below is a letter that explains the testing methodology and resultant reports and images produced by the tests

Click the images below for full size PDF files of the pages.


Letter Documenting Results
(Read First)

Spectrum - Untitiled
Middle of Barrel


Spectrum - Untitled
No Label

Spectrum - Block


Spectrum - Slide Release 20kV

Spectrum - Slide Release 12kv A


Spectrum - Slide Release 12kV B

Spectrum - Slide Release 12kV
Glancing Angle A


Spectrum - Slide Release 12kV
 Glancing Angle B


Spectrum - Reddish Residue A

Spectrum - Reddish Residue B


Spectrum - Reddish Residue
Image A

Spectrum - Reddish Residue
Image B




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